Marygrove Library Book Discussion Group

Marygrove Library is hosting their multicultural first book discussion group. During the dates of September 2nd, 2014 through September 27th, 2014, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests are invited to review multicultural book titles and submit their first and second book choices. Each person who submits their choice, as well as their name and email address via the Survey Monkey link provided will be entered to win a copy of the chosen book. A short synopsis of each book will be provided to introduce participants to titles they may not be familiar with. Once the most popular title has been chosen, Marygrove Library will then invite the entire college community to read the chosen book independently. Multiple copies will be available for checkout at the Marygrove Library, as well as available through interlibrary loan. There will be an online book discussion group for those who wish to participate, as well as an informal book discussion group/gathering in which refreshments will be served. Those who attend the informal book discussion group/gathering will be entered into a drawing to win one of the multiple copies Marygrove Library purchased for the book discussion group.


Where can I submit my choices in survey?

Where can I checkout a copy of the chosen book: Marygrove Library

Where can I participate in the online book discussion group?

Where will the physical book discussion group be located? Daniel Fisher Room of Marygrove Library TBA


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