Meet Amy! Our new Reference and Instructional Services Librarian.


You may recognize Amy from her stint as a temporary librarian here at Marygrove at the end of the Winter 2012 semester.   She is thrilled to be back here at Marygrove as a full-time Reference and Instructional Services Librarian.  Reference services are a passion of hers, and she looks forward to helping get the right information into the hands of those that need it.


Out of high school, Amy went into a community college and earned an associate’s degree before moving onto Michigan State University, where she earned Bachelor of Arts in History.  In May of 2013 she went on to earn her Master of Library and Information Science degree from Wayne State with a focus on reference services.  As of now, she is considering pursuing a second master’s degree in Social Justice here at Marygrove College.


Graduating with her master’s degree was like a dream come true for Amy after being told in high school that she was not college material due to severe learning disabilities.   She believes that she is proof positive that you can excel even when you live in a world that does not believe in you.  She welcomes all students in need of someone to believe in their success to visit her at the reference desk, or email her at


Amy was born in Flint, Michigan and raised in a small town on the edge of the Huron National Forest in Northern Michigan.   She is most recently from Lansing, but she now lives north of Detroit.  The youngest of three children, Amy has two older brothers, four nieces, one nephew, and “a generally amazing family.”  Amy is also the owner of a 160 pound Great Dane.  She is an enthusiastic home cook and baker, without pretentious tendencies toward “foodiedom”.    Amy wholeheartedly embraces her geekdom as a Trekkie, an avid romance novel reader, and a gamer.  She is interested in both role-playing games and computer gaming, and is currently waiting with baited breath for Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Amy’s Favorite Library Quote:  “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one.”  ― Neil Gaiman


amy1 pup


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