Experienced students provide advice to new students

We asked returning students on the first week of school what advice they would give to new students.  Here is some of their advice:


  • Don’t be shy
  • Read ahead
  • Don’t cram!
  • Believe in yourself and it’s OK to ask questions
  • Don’t be afraid to be wrong the teacher will correct you
  • Ask questions
  • This is your life, not a joke. Take it seriously.
  • Study groups
  • Check your email!
  • You need a financial budget for living expenses
  • Stay focused
  • Study, pray, study, and pray!!
  • Do assignments early. Stay focused. Pray.
  • Stay and pray.
  • Do not procrastinate!!
  • Stay and pray.
  • Be like Nike and JUST DO IT.
  • Support the women’s soccer team!
  • Stay positive and trust God
  • Stay drama free and study!
  • Time management!
  • Study aggressively
  • Sit up toward the front and take good notes
  • Do not cram. Take your time, clear your mind, study 2 hours a day to succeed.
  • Ask questions
  • Attendence is half of your grade. Missing one day of class is like missing a week worth of class.

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