Huge hit! Library’s first event in its Community Conversations series

community_conversations“I am so full of energy now!”

“I learned so much!”

“There was magic in the air!”

“I think the idea and how it all played out is great. It feels good to be a part of a community of scholars.”

“Nice work on getting students to attend…that alone will keep me coming back whenever I can.”

These were a few of the comments overheard at the Marygrove Library’s Community Conversation event, held today at noon in the Library’s Rare Book Room. The intent of this event was to foster relationships among faculty, staff, and students, encourage communication, and help spread ideas about resources and programs on campus. We members of the Marygrove community work so hard and so intently that it’s sometimes a challenge to lift our heads from our work, look around, and create new connections. But today, that’s what happened.

Ten people attended, not including the members of the Library Events Committee: two faculty members, three staff members, one administrator, and four students. We began by splitting everyone into two small groups and offering a warm-up question to get the conversational juices flowing: “When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be?”

It was hard to pause the conversation after 10 minutes! But since we wanted to keep the energy high, we mixed up the tables and posed some more questions: “What crossroads have you faced on your career path”? “What does your department do that most people don’t know?” “Describe a specific positive experience you’ve had with a particular Marygrove department.” “Share one thing your department does to help students develop their career goals.” An hour passed in no time…

The informal theme today was ‘student career development.’ Since we want to reach even more people next time, we’d love to hear your ideas for future topics. Just call the library (313.927.1346), email us (, find us on Facebook, or leave a comment below.

Thank you to everyone who came – you made our day! Today’s event was the first in a series, so if you missed it, join us for the next one. (Did we mention the delicious food and drink?) Stay tuned…

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