“For New Ideas in Scholarly Publishing, Look to the Library,” via Chronicle of Higher Ed

From a February 4, 2013, online article from The Chronicle of HIgher Education:

Can a small college library fix what’s wrong with scholarly publishing? Bryn Geffert, librarian of Amherst College, wants to find out.

Mr. Geffert is starting a new publishing operation overseen by the library and committed to open access, called the Amherst College Press. It will produce a handful of edited, peer-reviewed, digital-first books on “a very small number of subjects,” the librarian says. “We want to do a few things well, not overextend.” Amherst’s president and Board of Trustees approved the plan late last year.

Modest in scope, Amherst’s new press won’t transform the business of scholarly communication overnight. The prices of monographs and journals won’t plummet; library budgets won’t suddenly be flush with the kind of cash that used to line the pockets of for-profit publishers. Still, the venture is yet another sign of how active academic libraries have become in the publishing arena. And it gives a boost to the growing effort to escape the traditional, revenue-driven models of scholarly publishing.

You can read the entire article here: https://chronicle.com/article/Hot-Off-the-Library-Press/136973/.

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