Do you like money? Do you like art?

Then you should consider proposing an artistic project that will help brighten our community. You may have heard of Detroit SOUP, a monthly dinner that funds microgrants for creative projects in Detroit. Well, now Marygrove has its own SOUP!

PACO Soup is a student-led, microfunding initiative at Marygrove College, funded by the BOLD grant. The inaugural meeting will take place on Monday, February 11, from 4:30 – 6:30 pm on the 4th floor of the Liberal Arts building. $5 will buy you dinner (soup, salad, and bread – bring your own beverage) and grants you the privilege of casting a vote. You’ll listen to the proposals for artistic projects and then vote for your favorite. Whoever wins the most votes earns the money collected that evening.

The deadline for submitting a proposal to Robert Tompkins ( is February 5. Read this 2-page PDF file for more information. The proposal form is on page 2.

Everyone is welcome, whether you’re proposing an idea or just voting. See you there!

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