Haven’t met Mr. Robert in the STICC yet? You should…

Robert D. Tompkins, better known as Mr. Robert, is our new Technical Training Specialist I in the STICC (Student Technology Instruction & Collaboration Center), located in the lower level of the Marygrove College Library. He is a graduate of Specs Howard School of Media Arts from their intensive Graphic Design program. He appreciates and values his time there as it was invaluable and gave him the tools he needed to move forward. Mr. Robert served as a Marygrove work study student for one academic year before finding gainful employment as a staff person here at Marygrove. He is an Business major with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Art, and will graduate from Marygrove in May of 2014. After graduation, he plans to obtain a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications (M.S.I.M.C.). But he won’t stop there! Next he’ll obtain his Ph.D. in Visual Studies.

Mr. Robert is a regular guy who has made an oath to living a non-conforming, creative life. What excites him most is the idea of awakening the creative spirit in others. He views life as an adventure, full of risk and opportunities to make a difference. He’s passionate about making ideas happen. And he’s all about living loud and living full. WHOOT! He’s the Principal and Creative Director of Robert & Company, a small creative agency based in Detroit, MI, where he helps next generation leaders in developing their BIG ideas. He provides clients with creative solutions ranging from web and graphic design to branding and marketing.

He never intended to be a graphic designer. He never intended to design websites. All he knew was that he wanted to do something different, something epic. Whatever path he would take, he was convinced that it wasn’t going to be a typical 9-to-5 job sitting behind a desk he didn’t own, in a place he didn’t like, doing work he hated, for a person who could fire him at any moment. He had this feeling in his soul, this unction, this desire to jump in and see where his passions would take him. Where he is today is a result of that single decision to jump. Though design wasn’t his first life’s pursuit, it has definitely become a passion that screams loud from within.

At his core, Mr. Robert is an entrepreneur, a thinker, a realist, a dreamer, a designer, a builder and a lover of life. He’s had the awesome opportunity to network and work with a lot of creative and passionate people. He’s finding his passion through working with others who thrive off of making ideas happen. That includes everything from brainstorming an idea for a new product to designing a strategy for a cause. It’s amazing what you can do when a couple of right-brainers get together. LOL!

In his spare time he enjoys reading selections for the book club he co-founded, watching movies (both at home and the theater), traveling, dining out, spending time with friends and family and laughing. Moving forward, he hopes to write a few books of his own someday as well as launch a few projects, ideas, and business ventures with some amazing people.

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