The Marygrove Library receives 30 instant messages per month…and that number is climbing!

Here’s something we’re inspired by: our instant message (IM) service is becoming an increasingly popular method for students to get help from a librarian. Students can initiate a chat from their own computer or mobile device, but more often they’re using the library’s chat widget on the right side of our homepage: Below you can see a chart of IM growth over the past few months, and below that you can view the transcript of one of our IM conversations. We look forward to chatting with you!



December 5, 2012, IM transcript:

13:36 student: hello how do i read a ebook
13:36 librarian: Hi, this is your librarian.
13:36 librarian: I’d be happy to help.
13:36 librarian: Do you have a particular title in mind?
13:36 librarian: By the way, in case we disconnected I’m at 313.927.1346
13:37 student: Learning to Teach in Primary School
13:37 librarian: Ok, one moment. Let me check on that for you.
13:37 student: ok
13:37 librarian: Are you on or off campus?
13:38 student: on campus in the lab in the mc building
13:38 librarian: Ok, thanks. I see that we own this book. I’m looking at it in the library catalog and just below the title I see a blue link. Are you looking at the same thing?
13:38 librarian: If not, I can send you a link to click…
13:38 student: can you send it please
13:39 student: okay and what do i click to read it?
13:39 librarian: You should see a table of contents toward the bottom of the page and a link to full text on the left side of the page. Choose one of the chapters in the table of contents, or click that link to view all full text.
13:40 student: okay thanks alot for your help
13:40 librarian: My pleasure! If you run into any more problems, just IM me again, or call 313.927.1346. Also…
13:40 librarian: I recommend that if you plan to read this ebook later from off-campus, that you first create a free EBSCO account.
13:41 librarian: To do that, in the upper right corner of the ebook, use the “sign in” link to get to the “create a new account” link.
13:41 student: i just did thanks
13:41 librarian: Wonderful. Good luck with the rest of your assignment –
13:41 student: thanks

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