Email confusion

Many students are understandably confused about the new email.  Here are some common problems we have seen in the library.

Changing your password

If you still haven’t set up your new email account, first visit the email link from the main Marygrove College website.

The page should look like this:

image of email pageStep 1). You will need to log into your old email from the link in the right column of the page under ‘Access Merit Mail’.

Step 2).  In your old email you will find the email with instructions that gives you the temporary password you will need to set up your new email.

Step 3). Write down your new password and carefully follow the instructions from that email to make the switch.

After the switch:

Students that have already made the switch and need to access their email will need to click the  bottom left link  to log in, or students or faculty/staff can access the new email from the library homepage College Quick Links.

When to add :

Students, when logging in to your new email account do not forget to add the every time.

When NOT to add

Your actual email address to send and receive emails has not changed is still in the format


If you have further questions, please contact tech support at (877) 448-1767.

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