Eight free tools that can drastically improve your college career

Bookmark this blog post because every one of these tools and tips can be useful!

1. Evernote

Do you have bad handwriting?  Try transcribing your notes after class into Evernote (or MS Word).  Your notes will then be both legible and searchable.

2. Zotero

Writing a research paper?  Zotero is free citation software and is available on Marygrove Library’s computers.  Zotero can help you organize your files as you collect your research for papers, generate citations, and automate your bibliography.  Ask a librarian for help in using Zotero.

3. Zimbra Calendar

Having trouble keeping track of due dates or tests?  When creating a new event in the Zimbra calendar, look in the right hand corner of options to find ‘Reminder’ and select from the dropdown arrow to remind yourself of upcoming due dates and tests two weeks in advance.  Then check the box directly below to have Zimbra automatically email your reminder.  Be sure to ‘Save and Close’!

4. Zimbra Briefcase

Forgot your flashdrive?  While in your student email click on the ‘Briefcase’ tab  in order to upload files to your online storage.  This is great to use as a backup if you forget your flashdrive, and it’s easier to find your documents than sifting through emails.

5. Dropbox

Backup your files! If you have access to internet at home, you may find the seamless syncing of Dropbox useful for accessing your files from school and at home.  You will no longer have to remember to email that file to yourself before leaving home, because when you save to the Dropbox folder it saves the document both on your computer and online.

6. Quizlet

Need to quiz yourself before a big test? Create online flashcards at Quizlet and repeat the questions you get wrong.  Download the app to use on your phone!

7. Lucidchart

Overwhelmed with the amount of information covered in class?  Try concept mapping (also called mind mapping) relationships of the information you are learning as you study with a pen and paper or on lucidchart.com. For more information on how to mind map watch this helpful video created by the University of British Columbia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ItARV9af-Y

8.  LibreOffice


Can’t afford Microsoft Office?  A non-profit organization called the Document Foundation offers a comparable open source solution called LibreOffice for free.  Be sure to save your files as a .doc or .docx in order to be able to open later with MS Office Suite.

Have a great semester!

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