Meet library technician Jessica: lover of art, new recipes, and Lottie (“the cutest dachshund in the world”)

This is Jessica Morales, a Marygrove College Library Technician for cataloging, acquisitions, and serials:

Jessica began working at Marygrove in February of 2012. She is drawn to working in a library because “it combines two things that I am strongly attracted to: self-empowerment through knowledge and community learning spaces.”

Jessica attended the University of Toledo and received her B.A. in Art History. She graduated in May from Wayne State University’s Master of Library and Information Science program. Some of her favorite activities include taking her dachshund Lottie for walks, swimming (“and by that I mean floating on a raft”), trying new recipes, knitting, and “pretending that I am a great horticulturist.”

Lottie happens to be the the cutest dachshund in the world, but don’t take our word for it. See for yourself (and click for maximum cuteness):

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