STAND UP for Education! Join the Detroit Education Freedom Ride to Washington, D.C.

The Detroit Education Freedom Ride needs your help to make sure that the voice of Detroit is heard.  The Detroit Education Freedom Ride is scheduled to journey to the nation’s capital for the National Direct Action Sit-In on July 24-26th.  The event will have representation from Detroit, Chicago, New York, Newark, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Wichita, and Eureka.    This sit-in will center on critical issues facing our public education system such as: quality in schools created in the public interest, sustainable school reforms versus corporate reform, rights of citizens to democratic representation in school governance, the right of ALL students (including those with special needs) to protected services, and ending corporate school closures and turn-around.

Contact ASAP:

Helen Moore (313) 727-2945
Maiyoua Vang (559) 269-4716

Support the Freedom Ride at:

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