“We need to see ourselves as sequoia farmers”

From a May 11 post at the Scholarly Communications @ Duke blog, written by Kevin Smith:

I think we have reached a point where we are no longer having to sell the idea of open access.  There is widespread acceptance that that is the way that all or most scholarship will be distributed in the near future.  The discussions we are having now focus on specific advantages of OA, like altmetrics, the mechanics of the transition, and the ways in which costs can be managed.

In this context I was delighted to see the recently released “Guidelines for Evaluating Work in the Digital Humanities and Digital Media” from the Modern Language Association… What is important here is not so much what the Guidelines say as who is saying it.  It is very important that the MLA, one of the oldest and largest scholarly societies in the U.S., is taking notice of the changes that are happening in scholarly communications.

Read more here: http://blogs.library.duke.edu/scholcomm/2012/05/11/of-groundhogs-and-sequoias/

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