University Of Luxembourg Jumps Into Open Access

From a May 14, 2012, post at Science 2.0:

The University of Luxembourg has agreed to actively participate in the Open Access initiative.

Through the signature of a collaboration agreement with the University of Liège (ULg), the University of Luxembourg hopes to inspire its researchers to use a pay-to-publish journal in order to attain the success that the ULg has achieved with ORBi , its digital repository.

This collaboration agreement will, through the transfer of knowledge and experience, strengthen the ties between the Universities, both partners in the University of the Greater Region project.  It will, above all, provide the University of Luxembourg with its own digital repository, ORBi lu.

The benefits of open access and repository tools are numerous. Besides the preservation aspects, it will increase access to what UL researchers are doing by making their scientific work more visible and more widely read and used.  By putting in place its own repository, ORBi lu , the University of Luxembourg hopes to significantly increase the worldwide impact of its scientific production and, in particular, to increase the number of citations of articles published by its researchers.

This increased visibility will open up, as well, new partnering opportunities. Once ORBi lu is in place – planned for the first quarter 2013 – the results of research performed at the University of Luxembourg will be available via a simple online search.

Read the entire post here:

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