Fabulous website for help with CSE citation style

Chances are, you’ve heard of the APA, MLA, and perhaps even Chicago/Turabian styles. These are guidelines for how to properly cite your sources and format your research paper. In general, if your major is in the social sciences (education, sociology, psychology) you follow APA style; if your major is in the liberal arts or humanities (languages, literatures, art, music, philosophy, religion) you use MLA style; and if you’re a history major, you use Chicago/Turabian style.

But there’s another style called CSE that your instructor may ask you to use, especially if you’re a science major. CSE stands for “Council of Science Editors.” The Marygrove Library has the official manual for CSE style in the reference room. It’s called “Scientific Style and Format: The CSE manual for authors, editors, and publishers,” and has call number 808.066 Sci27 2006. We’ve also just added a new link to our website to make it easier for you to use CSE (thanks, Dr. Tsui, for the suggestion!). Check it out here: http://research.marygrove.edu/research-help-a-guides/apa-mla-turabian-a-cse.

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