MeLCat = magic? Sure, if you think free books delivered just for you is magic

MeLCat is Michigan’s state-wide system that allows you to order books and other materials and have them delivered to the Marygrove College Library. Here’s a video to familiarize yourself with how it works.

To request a book via MeLCat:

  1. Start by searching the library catalog.
  2. If the book you’re looking for isn’t owned by Marygrove, use the MeLCat button at the bottom of the catalog screen to request it. It looks like this:

  3. If the item is available for loan, a link called “Get this for me!” will appear. Click on it.
  4. A window asking “Which library card/account do you want to use?” will appear. Select “Marygrove College” and click on “Submit above information.”
  5. Type in your name and your library card number. Your library card number is 219270 followed by the 8-digits on back of your Marygrove ID card. (Example: 21927012345678).
  6. A screen will confirm the title and your request. You will be notified when the material arrives at the Marygrove Library.

Need extra assistance with this? Don’t hesitate to call us at 313.927.1355!

Statistics! In January 2012:

  • The Marygrove Library sent 111 of our books to students, staff and faculty at other institutions. This is a 32% increase over December’s numbers.
  • The Marygrove community borrowed 3 books from other libraries via MeLCat. In December this number was zero. You can tell that MeLCat is still very new to the campus community. Help us spread the word!

By the way

For those of you who like to know this kind of thing, “MeLCat” stands for Michigan eLibrary Catalog.

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