Marygrove College Women’s Center kicks off inaugural film series on Jan 25

The Marygrove College Women’s Center is excited to announce its inaugural film series, “Women’s Film Wednesdays,” free to all Marygrove students, staff, and faculty.

The first screening will be held in the Women’s Center (LA 030) on Wednesday, January 25th, from 6:30-8:30 pm, followed by a group discussion. The featured film will be a documentary called, “Who Does She Think She Is?”


“Who Does She Think She Is?” is a riveting documentary by Academy Award-winning producer Pamela Tanner Boll, [featuring] five bold women who navigate some of the most problematic intersections of our time: parenting and creativity, partnering and independence, economics and art. Through their lives Tanner Boll explores what it means to nurture children and family, and keep the creative fire burning within.

The film considers an era when women were revered as cultural muses, and the modern era when most people are unable to name a handful of female artists. Tanner Boll’s energetic camera documents actual work, giving us a feel for the creative process. In interviews with the artists, and in some cases, their families, Boll raises important questions about how art is valued in our culture.

Can women follow their artistic instincts and still function as wives and mothers? Pamela Tanner Boll’s articulate documentary answers that question with a qualified “Yes.” (V.A. Musetto, The New York Post)

See you there for this exciting event! For more information about future screenings, take a look at this flyer.

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