Out with the old, in with the new! (Or: buh-bye Wilson, hello EBSCOhost)

A head’s up – the library’s Wilson databases are transitioning to EBSCOhost. This will happen on Feb 1, 2012. Note that only the look of these databases will change; content remains the same.

OmniFile is the most popular database that will be affected. Here are the others:

Applied Science & Technology Full Text
Art Full Text
Biography Index
Biological & Agricultural Index
Book Review Digest
Business Full Text
Education Full Text
Essay & General Literature Index
General Science Full Text
Humanities Full Text
Legal Periodicals & Books
Library Literature & Information Science
Readers’ Guide Full Text
Social Sciences Full Text

Until February 1, you can access each of these databases via the old Wilson interface or the new EBSCOhost interface. After February 1, you will only be able to access these databases via EBSCOhost. Feel free to do some exploring and let us know what you think! All are available from the Search-for-Articles library webpage.

Important – any items that you have saved to a “My WilsonWeb” folder will *not* transition over to EBSCOhost. You’ll have to create a new account/folder in EBSCOhost and re-save those items.

Questions? Concerns? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your librarians.

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