Information literacy sessions: Making students and faculty cry since 1927

That’s right, we’ve made students cry for joy. And faculty, too. Here’s what one happy professor wrote after one of our information literacy sessions:

Your presentation was absolutely superb – right exactly where our students needed to be! I was thrilled (and they were too) that you had already pulled books on their topics. The instructions on books and journal articles was clear as a bell. And this email to them is a great touch. I was pleased to see one student making an appointment immediately.

If you want to be similarly delighted, then remember that the Library offers instructional services to all Marygrove undergraduate and graduate classes. If your students will be doing research, please contact Linnea Dudley to arrange an information literacy session. We’ll make sure that your students can navigate the Library webpages, structure effective database searches, and take advantage of all library research services, including interlibrary loan. All sessions are tailored to your discipline/course/assignment and the academic level of your students.

You can schedule an information literacy session by telephone (ext. 1346) or email Linnea Dudley.

Here’s some more lovin’ on the Library sessions…

Thank you for walking the students through the library website – I learned a lot I didn’t know.  I know this information will be helpful to my students now and especially in their research future!

You were not only informative and patient, but extremely knowledgeable. You seem to be able to sense when we were getting confused and zero in on what types of explanations were going to be helpful and valuable.

Thanks for the personal response to my students and for all that you do for them!

I always learn so much from you about how to politely demand attention and engage students who might be drifting to other topics.

You were extremely helpful this evening. I really do depend on you and the library staff to help me and the students get a handle on using blackboard, preparing for assignments and doing research.  I am so very thankful to you.  This follow up is awesome and I really do appreciate your work and your spirit.  Thanks a bunch! Thank you for staying late tonight and please extend my thanks to the staff for giving my students a good introduction to the many uses of the library.

Thanks so much for your time. I found  the training to be very helpful for me as a older student. All the new technology is great to learn about.

Well, thank you so much for you help this morning! There was a lot that I took away from our session and I’m anxious to get a project that allows me to explore the new resources more thoroughly.


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