New “Faculty Selects” exhibition in the Beyond Words gallery

[Today we welcome guest blogger Erin McDonald, administrative assistant for the Visual and Performing Arts Division & The Institute for Arts Infused Education. Visit the VPA Division on Facebook.]

The Faculty Selects exhibition showcases student artwork from the Fall 2011 semester in the Beyond Words Gallery in the Library and in the 4th floor gallery of the Liberal Arts building. The exhibition highlights a variety of mediums including drawings, paintings, prints, ceramics, sculptures, and graphics from Marygrove students.

In the Beyond Words Gallery, a cluster of small, white, foam core sculptures represents a class project by Professor Mary Lou Greene’s 3-D Design course.  Using one sheet of foam core, students created sculptures that explored ideas of positive and negative space in a three-dimensional form. Student Doreen Jenkins stated, “I thought this was a unique project. It was interesting to create sculptures out of simple materials (foam core and straight pins) to explore these complex concepts.”

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If you look closely at Robert Abrams and Faith Lancaster’s foam core sculptures in the Beyond Words Gallery, you can see casted shadows against the walls and pedestals.  The shadows give depth to the three-dimensional sculpture and become an important component of the artwork.

The show includes works from:

  • Dinah Aremo
  • James Meek
  • Nelson Adams
  • Janella Dockery
  • Carl Ellis
  • Gabrielle Gorges
  • Ginette Balbin-Cuesta
  • Shinese Lavergne
  • Elizabeth Lerczak
  • Virginia Montagne
  • Danielle Regier
  • James Riggins
  • And more!!

Want to see more?  The show runs from December 2nd until December 16th in the Beyond Words Gallery and in the 4th floor gallery of the Liberal Arts building.

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