Explore Michigana, a digital archive that documents Michigan history

We invite you to explore Michigana, a digital archive that documents Michigan history. Here’s one of the fascinating documents you’ll find inside:

Life and adventures of William Filley: who was stolen from his home in Jackson, Mich., by the Indians, August 3d, 1837, and his safe return from captivity, October 19, 1866, after an absence of 29 years.

Read a little more about what this resource has to offer:

“This archive provides access to texts that range from poetry and mining prospectuses to fire-and-brimstone sermons and war reports. They document the life course of this “beautiful peninsula” through the eyes of the long-dead frontier men and women who lived there. Thus, this archive is a treasure-trove of information. Of particular value is the ability to word search these electronic archival texts. This makes it possible to find specific facts quickly and easily, so that they can be used in research and writing. Indeed, this archive is the perfect tool for anyone from a high school student to a college professor who wants to gain knowledge on the rich and expansive history of Michigan.”

Have fun exploring!

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