Summer 2011 issue of Tikkun is online-only

Tikkun is one of the magazines to which the Marygrove College Library subscribes. Recently the library received a postcard from Tikkun explaining that its Summer 2011 issue would be online-only. We’ve registered at their website, and will be happy to provide you with the username and password that gives you access to this online issue – just give us a call at 313.927.1346.

The Fall 2011 issue will be printed and mailed to the library, as usual.

Tikkun is dedicated to healing and transforming the world… We build bridges between religious and secular progressives by delivering a forceful critique of all forms of exploitation, oppression, and domination while nurturing an interfaith vision of a caring society – one whose institutions are reconstructed on the basis of love, generosity, nonviolence, social justice, caring for nature, and awe and wonder at the grandeur of the universe.”

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