Marygrove Library resources go viral!

Well, almost viral…

On June 22, a librarian from Kaplan University Hagerstown sent the Marygrove librarians this question via our Email-A-Librarian service. He wrote:

I would like permission to link to your APA website on our library research page. This page is a great help to our students. Thank you.

Specifically, he wanted to link to the document created by librarian Jennifer Meacham, titled “Microsoft Word 2007: Formatting Your Research Paper using APA Style.” What’s unique about this document, as opposed to most other APA guides, is that it includes detailed instructions for students using Microsoft Word. Here’s a screenshot:

 Of course we were happy to give him permission. But guess what? It turns out Kaplan isn’t the only university to recognize the value of Jennifer’s work. Here are a few other places that link to us:

University of Kentucky School of Education
University of Florida School of Nursing
McKinney Independent School District (Texas)

To view the full APA guide, as well as guides for MLA and Turabian styles, visit this Marygrove Library webpage:

As always, if you have questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, or give us a call at 313.927.1346.

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