Black No More: Skin Bleaching

In a recent Facebook post, Humanities professor Dr. Karen Davis refers to the latest issue of the Journal of Pan African Studies (volume 4, number 4), which is devoted to skin bleaching. This issue is available for free here: (The title of this blog post is taken from the title of one of the articles in this issue.)

Dr. Davis writes, “I’ve been compiling resources on global history and practices of skin bleaching for about a year now, starting with the Jamaican controversy over Buju Banton’s song “Love Muh Brownin” in the 1990s, followed by Nando Ranks’ anti-bleaching response, “Dem a Bleach,” a hugely popular club song in the 1990s.”

The resources that Dr. Davis has compiled are available upon request; they include videos, journal articles, song lyrics, books, images and websites on the practice of skin bleaching. For a copy of these resources, please contact librarian Christine Malmsten (313.927.1378 – or Dr. Davis (313.927.1352 –

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