Can’t afford paying full price for your textbooks?

Everyone wants to borrow textbooks from the library, and it’s no wonder – some books can cost hundreds of dollars! But very few academic libraries, including the Marygrove Library, purchase the most current edition of textbooks that instructors require. If we were to buy textbooks for our collection, they would be in very high demand, not just from Marygrove students but from students across Michigan and the United States (and unfortunately, textbooks frequently go missing or lost).

Because of this risk, we ask that students not use interlibrary loan to request textbooks. Purchasing textbooks is part of the usual college expenses, along with paying tuition, room & board, school supplies, parking, and activities fees.

If you choose not to buy your textbooks from the campus bookstore, consider these other options:

  • Shopping from local booksellers, other students, and the many new and used online bookstores
  • Renting your textbook from websites such as Chegg
  • Sharing textbooks with classmates
  • Asking your instructor if s/he might be willing to put an extra copy of a textbook on reserve in the library

Please note: Copyright laws do not permit the photocopying of entire textbooks.  If you intend to copy more than a single chapter for personal use, you should purchase the book instead.

Thanks to DePaul University for some of this information:

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