A (semi) successful IM conversation between YOU and US

Here’s the transcript for an instant message conversation that took place between a Marygrove librarian and a student this afternoon. The librarian appears as “marygrovelibrary” and the student appears as “meeboguest379824”. . . we only wish we had the book for you!

[14:54] meeboguest379824: Good afternoon
[14:54] marygrovelibrary: Hi! This is Christy, one of your marygrove librarians. How can I help you?
[14:55] meeboguest379824: Do you have the Norton Anthology of Drama on reserve?
[14:55] marygrovelibrary: Can you tell me what class that would be (ex: ENG312). Then I can check this for you.
[14:59] marygrovelibrary: Hi again – the class number is not necessary. I checked out catalog but this book isn’t a part of our collection. I double checked with the library assistant who does reserves – she says she has not put this book on reserve.
[14:59] marygrovelibrary: Is there anything else I can help you with?
[15:00] meeboguest379824: No. Thank you very much for your help.
[15:00] marygrovelibrary: My pleasure! have a great day
[15:00] meeboguest379824: Happy New Year, too 🙂
[15:00] marygrovelibrary: 🙂

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