Wilson SelectPlus gets new name and new look

After August 1, 2010, the Wilson SelectPlus database will be called OmniFile Select and will look very different from what you’re used to (take a look). This is because the database is switching ownership.

Wilson SelectPlus is one of our most popular databases for finding journal articles, so the Marygrove Library wants to make this transition as easy as possible for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact a librarian for help at 313.927.1346 or watch this training video.

Omnifile Select will carry the same excellent full-text content, giving you access to:

  • Education full-text
  • General Science full-text
  • Humanities full-text
  • Readers’ Guide full-text
  • Social Sciences full-text
  • Wilson Business full-text
  • Applied Science & Technology full-text
  • Art full-text
  • Biological & Agricultural Index Plus
  • Index to Legal Periodicals full-text
  • Library Literature & Information Science full-text

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