Do you like money? Do you like art?

Then you should consider proposing an artistic project that will help brighten our community. You may have heard of Detroit SOUP, a monthly dinner that funds microgrants for creative projects in Detroit. Well, now Marygrove has its own SOUP!

PACO Soup is a student-led, microfunding initiative at Marygrove College, funded by the BOLD grant. The inaugural meeting will take place on Monday, February 11, from 4:30 – 6:30 pm on the 4th floor of the Liberal Arts building. $5 will buy you dinner (soup, salad, and bread – bring your own beverage) and grants you the privilege of casting a vote. You’ll listen to the proposals for artistic projects and then vote for your favorite. Whoever wins the most votes earns the money collected that evening.

The deadline for submitting a proposal to Robert Tompkins ( is February 5. Read this 2-page PDF file for more information. The proposal form is on page 2.

Everyone is welcome, whether you’re proposing an idea or just voting. See you there!

About Marygrove College Library

The mission of the Marygrove College Library is to be a partner in the educational process, sharing especially in the College's mission of educating each student toward intellectual and professional competence and toward career flexibility through grounding in the liberal arts. The library, in an environment conducive to research and learning, provides access to resources and services that serve primarily the educational and information needs of the students, faculty, and staff of the college.
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